“Media for everybody”

Nowadays society is constantly being exposed to influence of mass media as people are relying heavily on these sources of news and information. Contrary to the past century, young generations these days are subject to get attached with different forms of mass media since their youngest years and this exposure is greatly impacting their opinion and character.

Every household own at least a TV and every car has a radio incorporated. Unfortunately it has become a common practice for parents to use the TV as a babysitter and to place a toddlers in front of the “box” to keep them busy. This is a clear example of how the young generations start their interaction with mass media at such early age. While growing, other media can be added to the list, for example radio, internet and newspapers. Because of their young age, children and teenagers do not have enough maturity and mental development. Therefore, they might grow into thinking that, whatever information is fed to them through this media, they are true and believable. The advancement of smart phone and widespread use of internet are also shaping the way we think, behave and interact with the outer world. The way we communicate and make friends are also shaped by the media we rely on.

Adults are also being exposed to different mass media and their thinking pattern, political view and others can be affected as well. Only a talented mind has the capacity to analyze, to doubt, and to contradict messages received from mass media and therefore they will be less prone to be influenced. However who are easy believer and has less intelligent level will believe whatever they are presented with.

In conclusion, mass media can have a dramatic influence on the way young generation think and behave as they are more exposed to those mass media. In order to reduce such negative impact, adults should limit the time spent by youngsters browsing those media. This practice will possibly allow the recipients to have wider view of the world around them.


2 thoughts on ““Media for everybody”

  1. Yes, it is true that mass media has a big impact on the young generation today. Most of us is depending on media nowadays. Instead of reading books, they will just depend on the different forms of media to gather information. Parents must guide their children in using the different forms of media.


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