“DevCom is Life”


Before I came here in ISPSC, I am excited to experience college life and at the same time I was challenge for what course I’m going to take. Since I was in elementary, I always said that I will choose a course that will fit in to any type of study that concerns to “communication”. I was fond of communicating to other people and also I am very approachable person. I am a second year DEVCOM (Bachelor of Science in Development Communication) practitioner now. Just so you know, DevCom uses the power of communication to assist the individuals, companies and communities to reach their business and social goals. Through my DevCom experiences, I learned how to develop myself and of course my knowledge. I would say that DevCom is challenging but fun. I have always loved writing for our school papers way back in high school days, and being a DevCom student turned that passion into a new whole level. As a DevCom, I learned on one of my professor, Mrs. Francisco, that it is not only about delivering messages to the target receiver but it is also about communicating effectively. We make sure that the information and messages we want to convey is well understood by our receiver. In order to do this, we must consider the background of our receiver, we must take into consideration their language, culture, religion, educational background, location and other important things that may affect or hinder the effectiveness of communication. As believers in development communication, we must achieve a consensus in order to improve DEVCOM’s service to the developmental needs of the people.

 By INFORMING PEOPLE, we need to tell them where they are and what they are and where they are going.

By INSTRUCTING, we provide people the means to go where they want to go.

By INSPIRING, we motivate people to move and act.

By INSISTING, we remind people to sustain their actions.

By INVOLVING, we give back self-confidence and human dignity in order that the total liberation of people can be achieved. But how do we get people into action? Education is the key, communication as the tool. The purpose of communication, as a tool, is getting people’s involvement through education.

I would say that DEVCOM, as a science, is a science of HOPE, expressing belief in the silent majority. People are made to the image of God and redeemed by Christ. So let’s continue to work for their liberation through DEVCOM, because DEVCOM is people-communication, DEVCOM is people power. WE, THE PRACTITIONER OF DEVCOM ARE THE CATALYST OF CHANGE AND COMMUNICATION IS OUR TOOL TO MAKE THIS INTO REALITY.


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